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Welcome! I'm Robert and quite simply, I help small business owners find their focus, clarity to achieve their goals and ultimately make more money! I call this Purpose, Power & Profit!! Now, what can I do to help YOU?

Who Says You’re a Good Leader?


It was the 90’s and this was my first supervisory position. I was tasked with leading 15 staff, serving 70+ clients for a 2 million+ services contract. I’d been a leader in college but this was the first leadership position of my professional life. Truth be told, in my previous job, I’d been caught sleeping on an overnight job and was offered a probational “option” that just didn’t work. So, in the interview for this position, I’m still not sure why they chose me for a supervisory role. But, it doesn’t matter WHY. Fact is, they DID!

So, now, I set out to prove that I was a good leader. I wasn’t conceited or anything like that. But, I needed to have an answer for everything and make sure that I was never wrong. I created a mental checklist of things that I needed to be “sure” about. I was there early and made sure that I stayed just a little bit later. A good leader¬†had to be the one to turn the lights off in the building, right?

Things were fine for a couple of months until I was hit with my first challenge. I was in the human services industry and the turnover rate was pretty high. So, I had had my first incident with multiple staff leaving at once.

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How To Lead Powerfully Without Being The Leader


I read a really neat article this morning about relationships. While I write a lot about business relationships rather than personal or romantic, the article that I happened to be reading was about a man and woman. This couple was in a long distance relationship and the woman wrote in to an advice columnist asking […]


5 Great Tips To Improve Your Conversations


I’ve been writing about relationships recently and have heard from quite a few people who resonated with the thoughts. Relationships really are the backbone of not only business, but LIFE in general! While I endorse seeking relationships as rule DAILY, there are some things that you should know about relationships. First, how you communicate in […]


Why Connectors Rule The World

Getting Connected

I had several really neat meetings yesterday. As a matter of fact, I’ve had some pretty neat meetings over the course of the last week. The great thing about these meetings is that they were neither client meetings nor prospective client meetings. They were just meetings to hang out and get to know each other […]


The Most Important Word In The World

Shaking Hands

If you’re like me, when you see something that claims to be the “most important” or “the best” or “#1″, you take a deep breath and say, “ok, here we go!” I’m getting all hyperbolic on you with my title but when you finish, I think you’re going to agree with me. ¬†Is that presumptuous? […]