7 Ways Leaders Can BLOW IT!


I was blowing it BIG TIME!! I had too many things on my plate. The big event was coming up. I was trying to do everything but yet I was distracted; I wasn’t doing a great job of delegating. People were waiting on me to do certain things but I wasn’t getting to them. They […]

6 Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves Daily


True leadership calls for constant self-evaluation. But, I’d be willing to bet that a majority of leaders don’t self-evaluate. At least, they don’t do it often enough. Sure, they do it at the end of every quarter or every year when it’s time to turn in reports on company or organizational health. But, they don’t […]

Who Says You’re a Good Leader?


It was the 90’s and this was my first supervisory position. I was tasked with leading 15 staff, serving 70+ clients for a 2 million+ services contract. I’d been a leader in college but this was the first leadership position of my professional life. Truth be told, in my previous job, I’d been caught sleeping […]

10 Things Great Leaders Don’t Need


You might just be starting in a leadership position or you may be fairly experienced. But, hopefully, it’s your intent to be a great leader. A leader must continue to grow in order to handle all of the changes that are constantly being thrown at them. The specific leadership tactics that worked last year might […]

How To Lead Powerfully Without Being The Leader


I read a really neat article this morning about relationships. While I write a lot about business relationships rather than personal or romantic, the article that I happened to be reading was about a man and woman. This couple was in a long distance relationship and the woman wrote in to an advice columnist asking […]