How To Get People To Lie To You


I’ve actually heard it said by many leaders (or maybe I should just call them people in leadership positions) that you have to get people to have at least a little bit of fear in order for them to respond to you. In some cases, when I’ve asked the question “Why?”, I’ve been given the […]

My Word For The Year

My Word For 2015

It’s amazing that we have the same conversations every year at about this time. We talk about how the year has flown by and in many cases, we think about the things that we DIDN’T get to do. We start off so well, so gung-ho, but somewhere along the way, the fire dies and we […]

Ten Tools That Made Me Thrive In 2014

10 Tools - 2014

Tell the truth.  It’ not possible to do it by yourself.  You need help.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  I need help.  My wife helps me.  My kids help.  My assistants help.  I need help to keep things running.  I need help so that my brain doesn’t explode because it’s always thinking of […]

10 Great Quotes That Define And Inspire Leaders

When I talk about leadership, most people immediately assume that I am referring to CEO’s and managers!  But leadership is so much more.  Leadership may simply involve you taking charge of you to make change in your environment.  It may simply involve you taking the first step with no expectation of people following.  It may […]

How To Achieve Great Results In Conversations


Yes, you SHOULD be looking for great results in conversations.  Life is ABOUT results.  We do everything because we expect something to happen.  We get SOMETHING from whatever we do.  It may be a feeling.  It may be something tangible like money.  It may be a new thought or idea.  But, there is ALWAYS a […]