10 Great Quotes That Define And Inspire Leaders

When I talk about leadership, most people immediately assume that I am referring to CEO’s and managers!  But leadership is so much more.  Leadership may simply involve you taking charge of you to make change in your environment.  It may simply involve you taking the first step with no expectation of people following.  It may […]

How To Achieve Great Results In Conversations


Yes, you SHOULD be looking for great results in conversations.  Life is ABOUT results.  We do everything because we expect something to happen.  We get SOMETHING from whatever we do.  It may be a feeling.  It may be something tangible like money.  It may be a new thought or idea.  But, there is ALWAYS a […]

How Leaders Can Be Thankful


It’s that time of year…the time that a lot of people look forward to. This time of year is so special for many people that it is marked on their calendars. They look forward to sharing this time with their co-workers, their families, and other people who might be experiencing a similar moment. For many, […]

7 Ways Leaders Can BLOW IT!


I was blowing it BIG TIME!! I had too many things on my plate. The big event was coming up. I was trying to do everything but yet I was distracted; I wasn’t doing a great job of delegating. People were waiting on me to do certain things but I wasn’t getting to them. They […]

6 Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves Daily


True leadership calls for constant self-evaluation. But, I’d be willing to bet that a majority of leaders don’t self-evaluate. At least, they don’t do it often enough. Sure, they do it at the end of every quarter or every year when it’s time to turn in reports on company or organizational health. But, they don’t […]