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Welcome! I'm Robert and quite simply, I help small business owners find their focus, clarity to achieve their goals and ultimately make more money! I call this Purpose, Power & Profit!! Now, what can I do to help YOU?

5 Reasons Why It Pays To Know Your Purpose

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I know!  People throw that’ purpose’ word around like candy from a piñata.  People talk about making your life better and of course the ‘purpose’ word gets thrown into the discussion.  But many people are afraid of the word.  They are afraid because they feel like it means more pressure…more rigidity…more expectations.  They are afraid because people with purpose are not supposed to fail.  They are the high achievers, the over-achievers, the high-strung go-getters!

Those may or may not be true.  And, I won’t argue about the perspectives.  But, I want to share why purpose is important.

People who know their purpose live with less negative energy and stress.  If you are clear on what you are up to, you wake up in the morning with a greater sense of direction and some things just don’t matter.

People who know their purpose are sexier and more attractive.  Tell the truth.  There is just something sexy about someone who is focused, determined and understands why they are here and what they bring to the table.« Continue »

Here’s How To Find Real Money

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OK OK OK! I admit it.  I tricked you.  There’s no money to find here.  Well…not exactly.  I’m actually thinking about value and money has value.  We often think of money as a measuring stick and act as if it determines our place in society.  The truth is that money DOES determine some of the […]


How To Become Bigger Than You Really Are


I used to be a physical science and physics teacher.  Although I learned these subjects in high school, it wasn’t until I began to teach that I really began to understand them.  All of a sudden, the laws of motion made more sense to me.  I wasn’t sure if that was due to my teaching […]


How I Became A Follow Up Rock Star – Part 1


OK.  I’m about to give away a secret.  I’ve been told by countless people…”Oh my goodness, Robert, you’re so good at following up!” And, the truth be told, I DO make it a priority.  Am I perfect at it?  No, but I do believe that follow-up really is the lifeblood of your business.  Before you […]


How I Get Inspired Daily

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When I received my first promotion at my second job out of college, I was super excited.  I’m not sure what I had done to deserve it because I was new to the company and I had not held any leadership positions before.  As a matter of fact, I was let pretty much “fired” from […]