My Resources Page

No matter what stage you are in business, you can always use some help.  I am not ashamed to say that I need help and so I am always on the lookout for opportunities to make things better and run more efficiently.

The tools listed below will help you build your business effectively.

Bluehost - Website Hosting

I've used Bluehost for all of my websites since 2008.  Yes, there are a lot of hosts in the world and probably some that have a few better features.  But, the customer service I have received from Bluehost is unparallelled.  Yep, my site has been down once or twice. But in more than 7 years, that's unheard of and I can handle that because they more than make it up with their support.

Thrive Themes - Wordpress Themes & Landing Pages

I've tried a lot of sites, plugins and apps to get great looking landing pages that integrate with my site.  Most of them were either horrible looking, hard to use or had limited customization options.  With Thrive Themes Content Builder, I found something that I paid for ONCE instead of monthly and was able to constantly have great looking pages for my launches.  Go visit Thrive Themes.

Contactually - Contact Management & Followup

Contactually helps me to automate my follow-up.  Now, I don't mean that it sends out robotic emails without me knowing.  What it does exceptionally well is allow me to use templates appropriately and help me keep track of who I need to followup with and when.  Follow-up is the secret sauce in business relationships.  Contactually helps you keep track of this with ease.

Check out CONTACTUALLY here!​

Convertkit - Email Marketing For Bloggers

Convertkit is what I use to help me automate my email marketing.  I've used at least 5 other tools but I love what Convertkit does.  It simplifies the automation process for me into sequences and tags.  I love creating forms and landing pages because they are very simple to figure out.  It's easy to create templates that I can re-use.  My favorite feature though is the ability to simply re-send emails to people who haven't yet opened them with one click.  

Try out CONVERTKIT here.

The tools listed on this page are tools that I actually use and can recommend for your use.  I am constantly looking for ways to make my business better and so it is possible that there are some tools I may not use currently, but can still recommend.  Because I am in business, I also may receive an affiliate commission from any tools that I recommend.  But, again, I am committed to useful recommendations.  So, I will not blindly recommend something that I have not used.  I want to provide value for you.